Aitizaz Black Oud

Aitizaz Black Oud

  • Brand:: Ajyad
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Fragrance Notes : Oriental & Spicy

Red Orange, Saffron, Sweet Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Agar Oud And Patchouli.

Ajyad Atizaz Black Oud Perfume for Men and Women 100 m EDP

Aitizaz Black Oud Arabic perfume from Ajyad. Black Oud is the olfactory interpretation of the fascinating and mysterious. An odor, precious, and elegant that defines a unique style. The fresh aroma of patchouli, in combination with the red-orange, from the top notes delight our senses, in combination with the aromas of Yemen incense, saffron, and a sweet touch of sandalwood from the middle notes. In perfect harmony, the base notes reveal strong aromas of black pepper and agarwood (oud). A fragrance that expresses sensuality. Aitizaz Black Oud perfume 100ml perfume water for men.

Ajyad Aitizaz Black Oud perfume, which will catch your attention at once. Comprising oriental and spicy fragrances, this fragrance will steal the spotlight. The must-have perfume in your collection and it will make you feel confident about yourself while wearing it.

Brand: Ajyad

Fragrance Perfume: Aitizaz Black Oud

Fragrance Notes: Oriental & Spicy

Red Orange, Saffron, Sweet Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Agar Oud, And Patchouli.

Perfume For: Men And Women

Size : 100 ml

Concentration : Eau De Parfum EDP

Arabic Perfume Brand Ajyad :

A perfume house based in Dubai, it is a growing company with an excellent range of Arabic and French perfumes. Its sister concern is the famous Oudh Al Anfar, an exclusive brand since 1950, strongly stands in the market as an expert in exploring the purity in fragrance from a splendid array of Oudh and Dehn Al Oudh and also regularly launching awesome oriental and French line perfumes to cater to the needs of customers worldwide.

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All products presented are of original origin, supplied directly from the manufacturer. 
We DO NOT sell copies. 
We value our reputation and our customers.

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Tom Davidson 01/01/2021

Cool. Nice perfume, I love Oud and this is amazing, black oud with a bit of dark and spicy.

Amy Hog 30/12/2020

Nice perfume. First time got this as a gift from a friend, it's my second bottle.
If you like oud perfume you will love this.
Thank you, the delivery arrived just in time.

Shahzad Ali 29/12/2020

This is nice. If you like oud perfume with a bit of spicy this is great. Thank you Oudh Shop it arrived on time.

Selina 27/12/2020

Nice Spicy Oud perfume. Amazing, the price is good too.

Laura J 17/12/2020

Black oud is my favourite, I am a regular buyer from oud shop, I like the whole Aitizaz series.

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