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Areej Al Arab

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Fragrance Concentration

Perfumes, whether for men or women, contain a fragrance concentrate (essential oils) diluted in a mixture of alcohol and water. In reality, the fragrance concentration percentage and its level of alcohol influence how long the scent lasts, and determine its category. There are four types of perfume with specific characteristics:

Eau de Cologne

This is the lightest, least persistent type of perfume. Its concentration varies from 2% to 5%. The product is fresh, invigorating and associated with a concept of cleanliness and freshness.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

One of the most popular types of perfume, eau de toilette is perfect for regular, everyday use. Its concentration varies from 5% to 12%. The top notes make up half the fragrance. The perfumer places emphasis on the freshness and unfurling of the fragrance.

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Sometimes called parfum de toilette or esprit de parfum, its concentration varies from 12% to 20%. Eau de parfum is long-lasting and remains for 5 to 10 hours. The middle notes make up most of the fragrance. The perfumer highlights these notes to enhance the perfume’s sparkle. More concentrated than eau de toilette, eau de parfum is generally more tenacious and leaves a stronger scent trail.

Perfume / Extrait

Also known as extrait de parfum, this is the most concentrated product. Its concentration varies from 20% to 40% in an extra-fine alcohol solution of 96%. This fragrance lasts longer than other types and is generally reserved for special occasions, especially for the evening and night. Base notes make up most of the fragrance. The perfumer places emphassis on the noble quality of the base notes to reinforce its tenaciousness and volume. A few drops of perfume applied directly to the skin, preferably on the pulse points, are sufficient to reveal its trail and intensity.

Fragrance Notes: Oriental

Top Notes: Fruity, fresh, citrus spicy,

Heart Notes: nutty, smoky, bergamot, fresh 

Base Notes: citrus and vetiver

Areej Al Arab Unisex Perfume Spray 100ML EDP By Adyan Prestige

Areej Arabic perfume, which brings a unique, beautiful, and implicit aroma of oriental and spicy sense to your collection.

The initial notes of the bright fragrant peach and white grapes play and sparkle against the background of lemon peel and fragrant, fresh lime. 

The overall cheerful, optimistic orientation of the composition is emphasized in the medium notes by the aroma of freshly ground pink pepper, the spicy acuteness of cardamom and nutmeg, the delicate smoky, astringent bergamot, deliciously fresh, green, with citrus notes sonorous vetiver.

An impeccably traditional and an integrated blend of Arabian aromas is the best way to encapsulate the Areej Al Arab. With its Sleek and smooth Matte perfume bottle and a highly appealing engraved pattern and writing design in the package does not lack perfection, not the slightest.

The fragrance itself has an amazingly long-lasting perfume to it, it's rich oud scent of intensity makes a single spray more than enough for the aroma to be smelt on the clothes for several days! For usage spray the Areej Al Arab twice on either the clothes worn or on the neck and wrist as this is a perfume which means the scent is long-lasting.

A perfect gift for your loved ones. An Eau de Parfum fragrance designed for everyone.

Brand:  Adyan Prestige

Fragrance Perfume: Areej Al Arab

Fragrance Notes: Oriental

Top Notes: Fruity, fresh, citrus spicy,

Heart Notes: nutty, smoky, bergamot, fresh 

Base Notes: citrus and vetiver

Perfume For : Unisex

Size :  100 ml

Concentration : Eau De Parfum EDP

Arabic Perfume Brand Adyan :

A perfume house based in Dubai, it is a growing company with an excellent range of Arabic and French perfumes. Its sister concern is the famous Oudh Al Anfar, an exclusive brand since 1950, strongly stands in the market as an expert in exploring the purity in fragrance from a splendid array of Oudh and Dehn Al Oudh and also regularly launching awesome oriental and French line perfumes to cater to the needs of customers worldwide.

Guarantee Of  Authenticity:

All products presented are of original origin, supplied directly from the manufacturer. 
We DO NOT sell copies. 
We value our reputation and our customers.

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Shah Hasib 18/12/2020

Nice beautiful perfume. Beautiful decorative bottle. Amazing scent fresh fruity. Quality Arabic Perfume.

Matthew Wade 09/03/2020

if you prefer spicy perfume then you must love this perfume. wow excellent perfume

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